Impactful Decision-Making Strategies for Business Leaders.

Guiding business owners by challenging them to make better decisions, conquer the inherent stress of entrepreneurship, and enhance their strategic thinking.

The Four Principle Challenges of Business

With accountability and persistence, you can reach any goal you set.

Start-up/ Acquisition
There are five essential questions to ask yourself.
Growth Planning & Strategies
The challenges: organic or external and managing integration.
money bag
Selling Your Business
Choosing to use a broker or self marketing. Understanding private equity.
partnership handshake
Succession Planning
Preparing you and your company for life after sale.

Client success stories

My business has more than doubled in five years.

“Starting a business by myself, I found that I didn’t have anybody else around me. I was responsible for everything, and that got to be a bit of a challenge.”

Scott Schroeder

Darrin Jahnel, Co-Founder & CEO of Jahnel Group

Give Us 90-Days. Do the Work. See Results.

The objective of our first 90 days together will be to pinpoint your most prominent challenges, identify one or more executable plans, and develop an accountability framework for success. At the end of 90 days, we will mutually decide how to proceed both in frequency and intensity.

Steps to Partnering With Me

Introduce yourself
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One-Hour Consultation
Let's see if we're a good fit. I offer a free one-hour consultation.
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Get to Work
Execute a 90 day engagement agreement.

Join Our Family of Businesses.

Partner With Me and Achieve More

Our core values are confidentiality, accountability, vulnerability, honesty, and trust. We are not just developing a business strategy, we are building relationships. I embrace George Washington’s philosophy about relationships when he said, “Be polite to all, trust in few, and may those few be well tested.”